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• The list below is a selection: it is not a catalogue of my work. If you are looking for a text not listed below, you can send me a mail and I'll see what I can do.

• Journalism and other shorter texts may be found here.
• Norwegian-language publications are listed here.

Titles in italics are books. Abstracts and sample chapters are published here. The actual books can, in most cases, be ordered here. When titles go out of print, the full text will be made available electronically as soon as I get around to coding it.

indicates a pdf file. Increasingly, texts are made available only as downloadable pdfs.

Latest update: Summer 2014


round The Anansi position (2013)
roundAnthropological futures (1997)
roundThe author as anthropologist. Some West Indian lessons... (1994)


roundGregory Bateson and the North Sea ethnicity paradigm (2004)
roundBeing Norwegian in a shrinking world (1993)
roundBetween ambivalence and fundamentalism (1997)
roundBetween universalism and relativism: A critique of the UNESCO concepts of culture (2001)

roundThe challenges of anthropology (2010)kva
roundThe colonial and the postcolonial: A view from Scandinavia on Italian minority issues (2002)
roundCommon Denominators: Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Politics of Compromise in Mauritius(1998)
roundCommunicating Cultural Difference and Identity: Ethnicity and Nationalism in Mauritius (1988)
roundComplexity in social and cultural integration: Some analytical dimensions (2007) kf
roundConfessions of a useful idiot (or why culture should be brought back in) (2002)
roundCounterreactions: The "No to EU" and the FIS in the eye of the whirlwind (1996)
roundCreolization and creativity (2003)
roundCreolization in anthropological theory and in Mauritius (2007) creole
roundCultural contagion in a new key (2006)
roundThe cultural contexts of ethnic differences (1991)
roundThe culture of airports (1992)


roundA darker shade of pale: Cultural intimacy in an age of terrorism (2011) pdf

roundThe nation as a human being – a metaphor in a mid-life crisis? (1998)
roundDifference versus diversity: Neo-liberalism in the minority debate (2006)


roundEconomies of ethnicity (2005)
roundEduardo Archetti (1943–2005) (2005)
roundEngaging Anthropology: The Case For a Public Presence (2005)
roundThe epistemological status of the concept of ethnicity (1994)
roundEthnic identity, national identity and intergroup conflict (2001)
roundEthnicity, class and the 1999 Mauritian riots (2004)
roundEthnicity and Nationalism: Anthropological Perspectives (1993/2002)
roundEthnicity and Nationalism: Anthropological Perspectives, 3rd edition (2010)
roundEthnicity versus nationalism (1991)

roundFlag, Nation and Symbolism in Europe and North America (2007)
roundFormal and informal nationalism (1993)
roundFrom obsessive egalitarianism to universalistic pluralism? (2005)
roundA future-oriented, non-ethnic nationalism? (1993)


roundErnest Gellner and the multicultural mess (2007)
roundGlobalisation and the politics of identity (1999)
roundGlobalisation – studies in anthropology (2003)
roundGlobalization: The Key Concepts (2007)

roundA history of anthropology (2001)
roundHow can the global be local? (2005)

roundImagined Indians (1997)
roundInternational relations as a cultural system: An agenda for research, with Iver B Neumann (1993)
roundThe Internet, the "laws of media" and identity politics (1996)
roundIn search of Brussels (1995)
roundIn which sense do cultural islands exist? (1993)
roundIndians in new worlds: Trinidad and Mauritius (1992)

roundKeeping the recipe: Norwegian folk costumes and cultural capital (2004)

roundLanguages at the margins of modernity: Linguistic minorities and the nation-state (1991)
roundLiming in Trinidad: The art of doing nothing (1990)
roundLinguistic hegemony and minority resistance (1992)
roundLinguistic McDonaldisation or universal cosmopolitanism? English as an academic language (2005)
roundLiving in an overheated world (2009)


roundMauritian society between the ethnic and the non-ethnic (1997)
roundThe Mauritian Creole and the concept of creolisation (1999)
roundMechanisms of inclusion and controversies of integration (1997)
roundMedia Speed: Notes on an Accelerating Culture (2005)
roundMind the gap: Flexibility, epistemology and new work (2005)
roundModernity and ethnic fragmentation (1992)
roundMulticulturalism, individualism and human rights: Romanticism, Enlightenment and lessons from Mauritius (1996)
roundMultiple traditions and the problem of cultural integration (1992)


round Nationalism and the Internet (2007)
roundNationalism, Mauritian style: Cultural unity and ethnic diversity (1994)
roundA non-ethnic state for Africa? (1996)
roundThe Otherness of Norwegian Anthropology (2009) pdf
roundOutsourcing the welfare state (2006

roundParadoxes of cultural recognition (2009)
roundPlace, kinship and the case for non-ethnic nations (2004)
roundPolitics, jobs and marriage: Ethnic relations in Mauritius (1989)


roundRisking security (2005)


roundThe sexual life of nations (2002)
roundSmall Places -- Large Issues. An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology. (1995/2001)
roundSmall Places, Large Issues, 3rd edition (2010)
roundSome analytical dimensions of cultural complexity (2005)
round Some questions about flags (2007) kva
roundStacking and temporality (2007)
roundSteps to an ecology of transnational sport (2007) tun
roundSymbolic power struggles in inter-cultural space (1993)


roundTensions between the ethnic and the post-ethnic (1995)
roundThe young rebel and the dusty professor (2003)
round Trust and reciprocity in transnational flows (2008) tun
roundTunnel Vision (2007) tun
roundTyranny of the moment (2001)
roundTwo tales of cultural diversity (2011) kva


roundUs and Them in Modern Societies: Ethnicity and Nationalism in Mauritius, Trinidad and Beyond (pdf file contains chapters 1, 4 and 7)


roundWalls: The local and the global in a shrinking world (1991)
roundWe and us: Two modes of group identification (1995)
roundWhat is anthropology? (2004)
roundA world of insecurity (2010)