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There is a thin and debatable dividing line between journalism and other miscellaneous writings on the one hand and academic writing on the other, and I've actually tried, all my life, to break it down. The distinction is nevertheless sometimes useful, as the texts listed here may indicate.



roundAbu Nidal and his children (2014)

roundBeyond platitudes of globalisation (1997)


roundEducation for what? (1996)


roundFarewell to the gift economy? (2006)

roundOn the fundamental uselessness of universities (2004)


roundThe hell of constant availability (1995)


roundImages of the neighbour: Reciprocal national stereotypes in Scandinavia (1997)

roundInforming ourselves to death (2004)
roundIvar Aasen: A man and his language (1996)


roundThe Kjuus Affair (1997)


roundThe lacklustre successor to 1994 (1995)

roundMilk (1994)


roundNorwegians and nature (1996)
roundThe Norwegians who don't exist (1995)

roundOf Negro kings and Hottentots (2007)
roundThe opposite of the Ramones (2010)

roundThe Pakistani Norwegians (1997)
roundPhilosopher of tragedy -- Peter Wessel Zapffe (1997)

roundA religion for our times (1998)
roundThe resilient Norwegian smoker (1997)

roundStories about Somalis (2008)


roundWaiting for a quality newspaper (1995)

roundThe wretched of the earth (2006)