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It has become increasingly common that authors receive pdf files of their publications, and this site has been shifting towards the pdf format for years. Increasingly, new texts will only be made available as pdf downloads. However, I am moving this page to academia.edu these days (spring 2015).




roundCommunicating Cultural Difference and Identity (Department of Social Anthropology, 1988)




round Liming: The Art of Doing Nothing (Folk, 1990)

round The Cultural Contexts of Ethnic Differences (Man, 1991)

round Us and Them in Modern Societies (Scandinavian University Press, 1992), Chapters 1 (Introduction: On the Study of Ethnicity and Ethnicities), 4 (Ethnicity versus Nationalism) and 7 (New World Indians: A Comparison Between Mauritius and Trinidad)

round Ethnicity versus nationalism (Journal of Peace Research, 1991)

round Linguistic Hegemony and Minority Resistance (Journal of Peace Research, 1992)

round A Future-Oriented, Non-Ethnic Nationalism? (Ethnos, 1993)

round International Relations as a Cultural System: An Agenda for Research (with Iver B. Neumann) (Cooperation and Conflict, 1993)

round In Which Sense Do Cultural Islands Exist? (Social Anthropology, 1993)

round Formal and Informal Nationalism (Ethnic and Racial Studies, 1993)

round Nationalism, Mauritian Style: Cultural Unity and Ethnic Diversity (Comparative Studies in Society and History,1994)

round The Author as Anthropologist: Some West Indian Lessons About the Relevance of Fiction for Anthropology (In E. Archetti, ed., Exploring the Written, 1994)

• Traditionalism and neoliberalism: The Norwegian folk dress in the 21st century (in E. Kasten, ed.: Properties of Culture – Culture as Property, 2004) pdf

round In Search of Brussels: Creolization, Insularity and Identity Dilemmas in Post-National Europe (In P. P. Burgess, ed., Cultural politics and political culture in postmodern Europe, 1995)

round We and Us: Two Modes of Group Identification (Journal of Peace Research, 1995)

round A Non-Ethnic State for Africa? A Life-World Approach (In P. Yeros, ed.: Ethnicity and Nationalism in Africa, 1996)

round Common Denominators (Chapter 5: Contested symbols – language and religion) (Berg 1998)



round Between Universalism and Relativism: A Critique of the UNESCO Concept of Culture (In J. Cowan et al., eds., Culture and Rights, 2001)

round Ethnic Identity, National Identity, and Intergroup Conflict: The Significance of Personal Experiences (In R. Ashmore et al., eds., Social Identity, Intergroup Conflict, and Conflict Reduction, 2001)

round The Colonial and the Postcolonial: A View from Scandinavia on Italian Minority Issues (in R. Grillo and J. Pratt, eds., The politics of recognizing difference, 2002)

round Creolization and creativity (Global Networks, 2003)

• The young rebel and the dusty professor (Anthropology Today, 2003)

round Ethnicity, Class and the 1999 Mauritian Riots (in T. Modood et al.,eds., Ethnicity, Nationalism and Minority Rights, 2004)

• Place, kinship and the case for non-ethnic nations (Nations and Nationalism, 2004)

round What is Anthropology? (Pluto 2004) Chapter 1

round Media Speed: Notes on an Accelerating Culture (In Almqvist and Linklater, eds., Media and Media Power, 2005)

round How Can the Global be Local? (In O. Hemer and T. Tufte, eds., Media and Glocal Change, 2005)

round Mind the Gap: Flexibility, Epistemology and the Rhetoric of New Work (Cybernetics and Human Knowing, 2005)

round Cultural Contagion in a New Key (Ethnos, 2006)

round Economies of Ethnicity (In J. Carrier, ed., A Handbook of Economic Anthropology, 2006) gomle

round Complexity in social and cultural integration: Some analytical dimensions (Ethnic and Racial Studies, 2007) creole

round Creolization in anthropological theory and in Mauritius (In C. Stewart, ed., Creolization, 2007) creole

round The cartoon controversy and the possibility of cosmopolitanism (unpublished draft, 2007) creole

round Some questions about flags (In T.H. Eriksen and R. Jenkins, eds., Flag, Nation and Symbolism in Europe and North America, 2007) kva

round Tunnel Vision (Ethnos, 2007) kva

round Nationalism and the Internet (Nations and Nationalism, 2007) kva

round Stacking and continuity (In R. Hassan and R. Purser, eds., 24/7, 2007) kva

round Ernest Gellner and the multicultural mess (In S. Malesevic and M. Haugaard, eds., Ernest Gellner and Contemporary Social Thought, 2007) kva

round Steps to an ecology of transnational sport (Global Networks, 2007) kva

round Trust and reciprocity in transnational flows (In M. Lien and M. Melhuus, eds., Holding Worlds Together, 2008) kva

round The Otherness of Norwegian Anthropology (In A. Boskovic, ed., Other People's Anthropologies, 2009) kva



round The challenges of anthropology (Int. J. Pluralism and Economic Education, 2010) kva

round A darker shade of pale: Cultural intimacy in an age of terrorism (Anthropology Today, 2011) kva

round Two tales of cultural diversity (British Politics Review, 2011) kva

roundA History of Anthropology, 2nd edition, Chapter 1kva

round The Anansi position (Anthropology Today, 2013) kva